Lineup Card Holders

Our Lineup Card Holder securely holds 2 lineup cards. The Holder measures 6" by 9" when folded in half and further folds into a compact 3.5" by 9" so you can fit it into a back pocket or pouch.

  • Sturdy enough to write on and make roster or position changes during the game, yet flexible enough to fold in multiple ways to suit your needs.

  • Cards are held in place by 2 plastic "triangles" in each top corner.

  • Designed to fit our lineup cards which are 5.5" wide by 8.5" tall. Might not fit all sizes from other manufacturers.

  • Please Note: prior versions, like the holder shown in the pictures and the video on the product page, had plastic triangles on the top and bottom of the holder but our new version introduced in March 2016 elminated the bottom triangles and only has plastic triangles on the top to accomodate different-sized lineup cards.

Lineup Card HolderLCH

Folding Lineup Card Holder

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