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Scouting Chart System SC-1

Complete Scouting Chart System with Binder

The Scouting Chart System provides a traditional format for scouting other teams. The system allows you to build a book on your opponents, noting their hitters and pitchers tendencies, and providing valuable defensive information for positioning your fielders, anticipating offensive moves, even timing baserunners and noting steals, bunts and hit & runs. The system totals results for hitters against pitchers, and goes to as much detail as tendencies around the strike zone against a particular hitter. Using the Scouting Chart System will give your team an advantage against your opponents. The power of the system is it's simplicity. Results can easily be read and understood by others. Included with the system:

  • 150 game charts
  • Mylar reinforced
  • 15 individual and team summaries for statistics
  • 15 players over 20 games
  • Complete instructions with many sample charts completed
  • NOTE: As of June 2014, the binder no longer includes a fold-in page with a clip. It is now  a traditional binder.

Click HERE to see instructions and a sample page

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