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Calendar Fundraising Kit CA

Calendar Fundraising Kit

We believe we've come up with an ideal solution to address your fundraising needs that is different, fun and, best of all, has the potential to raise thousands of dollars in a short period of time: A FUNDRAISER BASED ON RANDOMLY SELECTED 3-DIGIT NUMBERS

Conducting a daily raffle based on a randomly selected three digit daily number is one of the most efficient and profitable fundraisers your team or organization can conduct. There are variations on this type of fundraiser, but coaches and booster clubs who have done it for years swear by it. Rather than raising a few hundred dollars a pop for selling candy or other novelties, this fundraiser provides a realistic opportunity for thousands in profits. What this kit provides is all the materials you will need to run a successful fundraiser. It includes the following:

  • 1000 calendar sheets, each with a unique three digit number and customized with your team's name and sport, as well as the months that you choose to run the fundraiser
  • 100 sales sheets, with 10 numbers per page, to record the sales of each calendar
  • Complete, easy-to-follow instructions for conducting the fundraiser and a scale of projected profits. In ten minutes, you can start your fundraiser
  • Payouts to randomly selected 3-digit numbers are typically based upon your own state's daily evening lottery or, alternatively, a neighboring state's daily evening lottery of your choosing.

NOTE: The donation amounts and payouts contained below are those that are typically used by our customers. However, we can change the donation amounts and payout amounts (including the addition of bonus days) to meet your specific needs!

ADDITIONAL NOTE: Individual states may have rules or regulations regarding fundraisers of any type including raffles (i.e. 50/50), casino nights, auctions, etc. We recommend that you check your state's requirements (if any) before conducting this fundraiser and what information, if any, should be included on the calendar.


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