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SignalFan SF

The “SignalFan” (patent pending) is an innovative way to communicate with athletes. Great for calling pitches and pick offs.
Coaches! "The SignalFan" (patent pending) is an innovative way to communicate with athletes. The clearly visible color blades make it easy for your players to read signs while keeping your opponents guessing as they sort through over 10,000 possible combinations! Use the same signals all season by disguising them with the use of indicator blade(s), or changing the number, position, or direction of the blades. Give clear signs to your players and keep your opponents guessing! • Great for calling pitches and pickoffs. • Innovative way to communicate with athletes using six, 11", clearly-visible color blades to give signals with just a glance. • Over 10,000 possible combinations, you will keep your opponents guessing! • Durable, lightweight, waterproof. • Create signals for plays in ANY SPORT. Read these testimonials from customers who have used THE SIGNALFAN: "....So thank you for inventing this product, it has become a vital component of our game. In fact I could even venture to say that it has contributed to our first place finish this year. Now if we can just make it through the playoffs..." Coach Mark Kallevig Canada "The Signal Fan is a great tool to use in the game. It's easy for our players to understand and hard for our opponents to pick up on. It allows for creativity, and for our team to focus on the play at hand rather than chancing misreading my signals." Coach Jaclyn Roesch NJ
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